Why use Asker in your interviews?


Reducing bias, increasing the assessment quality, and helping companies find the right talent for their teams. Watch the video where Anna Åslund, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Asker, explains more about the problems that the interview platform solves in the recruitment market.

The interview is one of the most obvious steps in our recruitment processes today, but also perhaps the most unexplored. That’s according to Anna Åslund, Chief Marketing Officer at Asker Technologies.

– The interview as a recruitment method has strong research support and is a great indicator of future job performance, if done correctly that is. But today there is a big gap between how research says we should interview and how we actually interview. We are not exploiting the full potential of this recruitment method by far, says Anna Åslund and continues:

Did you know...

… that almost 50% of all job seekers have turned down a job offer because of a bad interview experience?

– The interview is very vulnerable as it is easily influenced by our biases, especially when we lack a clear framework and structure. Instead, it is our gut feeling that drives the conversation and determines the suitability of a candidate. This is something we change with our platform by introducing a clear structure, high quality interview questions and predetermined assessment criteria.

Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit pitch event

In October 2022, Asker Technologies was selected as one of ten finalists in Minc’s pitch competition during the Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit event. There, she talked more about how Asker helps its customers do better job interviews. Watch the video above to hear more.

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