Become a better interviewer

In this training, you will learn the basics of becoming a great interviewer. Discover the fundamentals of structured interviewing techniques, how to ask good questions and how to assess answers. We will guide you through a variety of situations and dilemmas that may arise during the interview and how to best deal with them.

Alex Tidgård
CPO & Founder
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Overview and introduction to what you’ll learn in the training

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Why interviewing


Why should we do interviews when there are other great methods?

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Structured vs unstructured interviews


There’s a big difference between interviewing and interviewing.

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Candidate experience & why it matters


It’s important to think about what message your processes sends.

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Reason for a bad candidate experience


Many companies are facing the same interview challenges.

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How to create a great candidate experience


There are many things you can fix very easily.

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The problem with today's interviews


Some inherited problems and how it affects our hiring decisions.

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Common bias in interviews


This is why you need to actively work to reduce biases.

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The ultimate hiring process


What does the ultimate recruitment process look like?

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Interview structure & the BDI method


There are several ways to structure an interview.

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Your goal as an interviewer


You have many responsibilities as an interviewer.

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The STAR method


A great method to make sure you get all the info you need.

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Gathering the right information


Useful tips & tricks to make sure you can score the interview.

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How to score an interview


One of the most important interview steps is to score the answers.

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The importance of a well-thought introduction


The introduction sets the tone for the entire interview.

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What to include in your introduction


Use this template and you’ll be all set.

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Asking the first question & taking notes


It’s important to be extra tentative of the beginning of the interview.

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Why conduct structured interviews?


A deep-dive into the positive effects of the structured interview.

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When to use open & closed questions


There is a good time and place for both – learn to know the difference.

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How to reduce interview anxiety


It’s your job as an interviewer to make the candidate feel comfortable.

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Using silence & summation as tools


These two methods will make you a better interviewer.

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Difficult situations & how to handle them


We go through some common scenarios.

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When the candidate talks a lot


Opt for closed questions, pause the candidate, and guide them.

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When the candidate is very quiet


Being silent will be your most powerful tool.

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When the candidate can't come up with examples


Try explaining the reason behind asking the question.

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When the andidate refuses to answer the question


Try to understand why they don’t want to answer it.

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When you get extra triggered by your biases


You need to minimize the risk of your biases affecting your decisions.

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When you have doubts about the candidate


Consult someone you trust and seek support.

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