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Conduct better interviews, save time and find the right person
for the job with Asker’s recruitment software.

Easy to use, fantastic results

Your interview co-pilot throughout the entire interview process.

Interview support for your team

With Asker, it has never been easier to set a consistent interview structure for the entire organization. Working entirely digitally makes it easy to set up interview templates, decide on how to assess candidates, and collect and analyze interview data – regardless of who is conducting the interview.

Asker for Talent Acquisition teams

Find the right talent

Get suggestions on what questions to ask and how to assess the answers. Avoid time-consuming tasks like taking notes and summarizing the interview. Become a better interviewer with small, simple steps and increase the chances of finding the right person for your team by 450%.

Asker for hiring managers

Reduce bias in your interviews

The interview is a particularly sensitive step in the recruitment process, where our biases have a big impact on our hiring decisions. Asker helps you minimize the influence of bias and increase the chance of finding the right talent.

Frequently asked questions

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Who can use Asker?

It doesn’t matter if you work in Talent Acquisition and want to set up a uniform interview process in your organization, or are a manager hiring for a new role in your team. Everyone can use Asker and adapt the work in the platform to their own level and needs.

It’s easy to get started! Create an interview guide tailored to the role you are recruiting for in just a few minutes after signing up. When you log in to the platform, you will receive all the information you need to get started. In our Help Center we have gathered all the information you need to get the most out of Asker in line with your needs.

Nope! Asker is designed for Talent Acquisition teams and hiring managers to set up and conduct high-quality job interviews – with no prior experience or training required. You can choose a suitable level based on your own knowledge and experience.

On our pricing page, you can view our plans and get a price calculated according to your needs. Find a package to suit your organization here.

Asker cares about privacy and protecting the data handled by us. This means that we care about you and your candidate’s personal integrity and actively work to protect it. All data is cloud-based and stored in Sweden. For more information, please view our privacy policy here.

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The company is revolutionizing the way we do job interviews using AI and modern research.
Reducing bias and increasing the assessment quality are only a few of the benefits.
Even though our brain is a powerful machine, it has its limitations.

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