How it works

Do the prep for success

Log in to the platform and be ready in no time. In Asker’s library you have free access to ready-made interview templates adapted to different roles. You can also choose ready-made questions based on categories such as competency, motivation, skills, experience and screening. Choose an interview package or build your own structure with your favourite questions. Add optional features like company presentation or team structure and you’re ready to go!

Start interviewing

Let the fun begin! Asker guides you through each interview step, ensuring that each candidate receives the same treatment and questions. When interviewing, you lean on Asker’s unique assessment criteria to evaluate responses. The assessment criteria are designed to help you assess candidates as objectively and fairly as possible. Take notes if you need to. Simple as that.

Make a data-driven decision

Once you have completed your interviews, you will have gathered all the valuable interview data you need to make an informed decision. Easily compare your candidates’ answers and skills and visualize them directly in the platform. Dig deeper into strengths and development areas, culture-fit and technical skills. Reduce the risk of unconscious bias influencing your recruitment decisions by letting the data do the talking.