Get help finding the best talent for your team

You don’t need to be a recruiter to conduct great interviews. Asker helps you as a manager to interview like a pro, all while increasing the chance of finding the best person for your team and avoiding time-consuming admin work.

Plug-and-play interviews to make your hiring process easier

Asker streamlines and shortens your interview process, so you can spend your valuable time where it is needed.

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“I recommend this tool to anyone working in recruitment. Thanks to Asker, we have a perfect tool to create a good structure about how we talk and what questions we ask during the interview. As a small company, it is so incredibly important for us to get the right person on the team.”
Fredrik Edlund
CEO, Pointbreak
"We have received very positive feedback about the way we interview. The positive experience comes from both candidates who got a job and those who didn't, which is a great insight."
Arsaman Bahrami
Head of People and Culture, Precisely

Generate questions for any role and industry

No more googling “best interview questions”. Now you can get help choosing questions and putting together professional interview guides. With Asker, you can be sure that you are asking questions that help you evaluate what is important to find the best person for the job.

Become a better interviewer in no time

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced interviewer or a new manager making your first recruitment. With Asker you get the support you need to work faster, reduce admin workload and become a better interviewer.

Learn to conduct better job interviews

The company is revolutionizing the way we do job interviews using AI and modern research.
Reducing bias and increasing the assessment quality are only a few of the benefits.
Even though our brain is a powerful machine, it has its limitations.

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