Asker + Google Meet

Unlock the full potential of your video interviews with Asker’s unique extension to Google Meet.

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Access your interview guides in your video meetings

No more switching tabs and windows to access your questions, notes, assessment criteria and video tool. With Asker’s extension to Google Meet, you have everything where you need it – right in your meeting.

No more note-taking

Say goodbye to scribbly interview notes! Asker gives you a transcript of the entire interview so you don’t miss anything important. Best of all? You get a summary with the most important key takeaways afterwards.

Video interviews like you've never seen them before

AI generated notes

Focus on the candidate while Asker ensures the entire interview is documented in writing.

Automatic summaries

Get automatic summaries with the most important insights afterwards

All in one place

No need to switch between apps or tabs to conduct video interviews - everything you need is integrated.

Seamless ATS flow

After completing the interview, your interview data is synchronized directly to your recruitment system.

Better scoring

Use your AI-generated interview notes to make more fair assessments of the answers.

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