Asker closes first round of funding with high-profile investors


Asker Technologies is revolutionizing the way we do job interviews using AI and modern research. Now the startup is raising EUR 590 000 in a first round of investment – backed by Swedish HR tech expert The Talent Company and Supercell founder Ilkka Paananen’s investment company Illusian.

Asker Technologies helps companies conduct structured job interviews and supports the user throughout the interview process. The interview is a particularly sensitive step in the recruitment process, where biases have a major influence on our decisions. Asker’s focus is on making the interview fairer and more objective by helping the user to reduce the influence of bias in the decision-making process. 

Now the company, founded in Stockholm in 2022, has closed its first round of funding. Investors include Swedish HR and talent management expert The Talent Company, whose founders and partners come from Spotify’s recruitment team where they implemented the company’s recruitment strategy. 

Today it is extremely important to get the match right, companies can not afford to fail in their hiring processes. We often overestimate our own ability to interview candidates fairly and competency-based. This is where Asker comes in with an intuitive and flexible platform that helps companies structure their interview processes to enable more accurate hiring decisions. The best part is how incredibly easy they are solving a really complex issue.
Konstantin Bitsakis
partner at The Talent Company

Konstantin Bitsakis continues:

– At The Talent Company, we are passionate about these issues and a large part of our business is about helping companies to work effectively and scalable with their recruitment. Asker fits that bill. Now I’m looking forward to start using the platform, providing support in what I can to optimize the product, and watching Asker make a difference for more companies. 

The list of investors also includes Finnish Illusian, Supercell founder Ilkka Paananen’s investment company. Mobile game giant Supercell made history in 2016 when it became Europe’s first “decacorn” – a startup with a valuation of at least 10 billion dollars.  

– Asker has an excellent team: the founders have strong domain expertise and they’re tackling a big problem all companies face. The early signs of the product are very promising, says Ilkka Paananen.  

Who are the investors?

  • Among the investors are more well-known names, including German APX, owned by Porsche and Axel Springer. 
  • One investor, who has worked with the team from a very early stage, is Swedish Fast Track Malmö. Asker is part of their acceleration program where they help early-stage startups accelerate growth and raise money.  
  • Asker is also backed by Finnish Wave Ventures, Europe’s largest student-run Venture Capital firm. 
  • On the investor list are also angels Valtteri Korkiakoski, Johan Billgren, Emil Sjödin och Jimmy Lundström.

According to Max Lagrell, CEO and one of four founders of Asker, there is now a clear focus ahead for the team. 

– It feels fantastic to join forces with such knowledgeable players on Asker’s journey moving forward. The capital will primarily be used to continue developing our product into the best possible interview platform for everyone working with recruitment, says Max Lagrell.  

The platform allows customers to set up customized interview guides using AI-generated interview questions. It also helps users evaluate interview responses and compare job applicants more objectively against each other. According to Max Lagrell, one of the big problems with today’s job interviews is that they treat people differently. 

All interview research points to the same issue: improvising, asking different questions to different people, and using our gut instinct leads to systematic discrimination in the labor market. To make interviews fairer, we need to add structure, the right type of questions, and equal assessment criteria for everyone.
Max Lagrell
CEO & founder at Asker Technologies

The recruitment industry is currently undergoing a major shift, with digital tools moving the market from traditional recruitment to more modern and data-driven processes. In the last few months alone, ChatGPT and its chatbot technology have opened up entirely new possibilities, says Max Lagrell.  

– We’re just seeing the beginning of how generative AI can help us work better and smarter. Now everyone, regardless of industry, needs to quickly jump on the bandwagon and apply these new solutions in their own businesses. At Asker, we’re proud to be at the forefront, already offering our customers an AI solution that provides them with tailored interview guides based on their job ads in just 30 seconds.

About Asker
Asker Technologies is an interviewing platform that turns anyone into an interviewing professional. Using a structured interviewing technique, AI-generated interview questions, and fair assessment criteria, Asker helps its customers recruit more objectively and increase the chances of hiring the right person for the job. The company was founded in 2022.
Increase the assessment quality in your interviews

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