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Welcome to the world of Asker. We aim to make the most common recruitment method of them all more data-driven and better for everyone by combining tech and human interaction.

Meet the team

Max Lagrell

CEO & Founder

Anna Åslund

CMO & Founder

Malin Moezzi

Head of People Science

Martin Larsson

Senior Developer

Alisa Harutyunyan

Product Designer

On a mission to empower the world's hiring teams

The research is clear: the interview can be a great indicator of future job performance – if done correctly. The problem today is that there is a huge discrepancy between how the research says we should do interviews, and how we actually do interviews. Asker was founded to close the gap between science and reality.

We aim to simplify and change the way we do job interviews by allowing AI to streamline time-consuming tasks (taking notes and coming up with questions, for example!). At the same time, we help our customers integrate humans into what we do best – listening, talking and building relationships. 

We make it our main priority to help you do better, more accurate and less time-consuming interviews. For us it is important to take the interview where our customers are. Through smart integrations and collaborations, we want to make Asker an obvious interview support in every hiring process.
Alex Tidgård
CPO & founder

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The company is revolutionizing the way we do job interviews using AI and modern research.
Reducing bias and increasing the assessment quality are only a few of the benefits.
Even though our brain is a powerful machine, it has its limitations.

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