Our place in the
 recruiting world

Asker enables you to leave traditional interview processes behind and start assessing candidates based on the frameworks of modern technology
and leading research.

What makes a great interview?

In the world of recruitment, the research is clear – if we want to increase our chances of hiring the right person for the job, we should conduct so-called structured interviews. A structured interview is characterized by asking everyone the same questions in the same order and evaluating candidates against pre-determined criteria using scorecards.

Only when you treat everyone equally can you compare candidates against each other. Structured interviews can increase your chances of finding the right person by up to 450%.

We make your interviews easier

We make it our main priority to help you do better, more accurate and less time-consuming interviews. With Asker, you seamlessly conduct structured interviews, collect relevant candidate data and assess your candidates in a structured way. All while you focus on the most important part – being present in the moment.

Build fairer and more objective processes

The interview is a particularly sensitive step in the recruitment process, where our biases have a big impact on decisions. Asker’s platform is built to help you minimise the influence of bias. Give everyone the same treatment, anonymize your candidates and make decisions based on data instead of “what feels right”.