5 interview dealbreakers that lead jobseekers to turn down jobs


Bad interview questions and lack of feedback are two of the factors that annoy job seekers most in interviews, according to a survey by Asker Technologies. Here are some tips on what to do if you have a negative interview experience.

Going to a job interview can feel anything from fun and tingly to nervous and (in some cases) downright terrifying. According to a survey by interview platform Asker, some managers and recruiters are so bad at conducting interviews that they make job seekers turn down job offers.  

More than 200 people responded to the survey, asking what negative experiences they had from previous job interviews. 

The top 5 experiences that respondents rate as by far the worst are:  

Alex Tidgård is a licensed psychologist and one of the founders of Asker. Based on the results of the survey, he believes that employers need to take better care of their candidates. 

– It’s every employer’s responsibility to create the most relevant and good interview experience possible. As a job seeker, you deserve to feel welcome, seen, heard and to answer questions that feel relevant to the role you are applying for, says Alex Tidgård.   

The results show that 46 percent of respondents have turned down a job because of a negative interview experience in the recruitment process. 72 percent have been to at least one bad interview in the last five years.   

Curious to know more about Asker and what we do?

– It’s a crazy realization that companies are losing talent because they handle their interview processes so badly. Companies need to recognise the seriousness of poorly structured recruitment processes and their direct link to areas such as employer brand and sales, says Alex Tidgård and continues:  

– Everything is connected and if you are bad in one area it will affect everything else as well. When you’ve been treated badly by a company, you’re not likely to want to apply for a job there again, you might not even want to buy their product or service again.  

Set your demands

In a recruitment process, the balance of power can feel unequal because the employer is in charge of the process and makes the decisions. But it’s important to remember that you should be able to expect certain things in return. 

Employers expect job applicants to come prepared - in the same way you, as a job applicant, should expect the recruiter or hiring manager to come prepared enough to hold a good interview.
Alex Tidgård
Lic. psychologist & co-founder of Asker

So what can you do if you’ve been treated badly in the recruitment process? It’s perfectly normal if you don’t feel comfortable speaking up about your experience because you don’t want to ruin your chances of working there. But if you do feel comfortable, Alex Tidgård recommends being open about it.  

– Constructive feedback can be given in a good way. If you have an opinion about something, for example how the interview was conducted, you can always send an email after the process is over and tell the person in charge of the process what happened and how you felt about the situation. If the person cares about the company’s employer brand, they should take the information seriously and thank you for taking the time to tell them about your experience. 

If you have had an experience that was directly offensive or possibly discriminatory, you can turn to and get help from, for example, your trade union or Diskrimineringsombudsmannen (if you are in Sweden). 

About the survey

The survey was conducted as a questionnaire between 12 May and 10 June 2022 by the interview platform Asker Technologies. 202 people participated anonymously in the survey. 

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