Greenhouse plugin helping hiring teams identify top talent in interviews

Asker’s AI-powered plugin helps hiring teams conduct the best digital interviews and provides objective insights for more unbiased evaluation and recruitment.


Get to know Asker and how to work with our platform to make the best hiring decisions.

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Conduct better interviews with AI

Seamless Greenhouse plugin We bring the interview to where you are. Work with Asker directly in Greenhouse and get everything you need in one place. Access your interviews, score your candidates and compare your interview data directly through your interview scorecards.
Automatic notes and summaries Never take an interview note again! Put 100% of your focus on the candidate while Asker takes your notes. Get a summary with the most important insights after the interview and sync your data directly to Greenhouse.
Unique scoring guides Make sharper and more objective assessments in your interviews with Asker's customized scoring guides. Get help assessing each answer based on set criteria and make even the most inexperienced manager a good interviewer and assessor.

Hire top talent for your team

Askers AI-powered platform is designed for your Talent Acquisition team and hiring managers to set up and conduct high-quality job interviews to hire top talent.
“I recommend this tool to anyone working in recruitment. Thanks to Asker, we have a perfect tool to create a good structure about how we talk and what questions we ask during the interview. As a small company, it is so incredibly important for us to get the right person on the team.”
Fredrik Edlund
CEO, Pointbreak
“Just by using Asker you are forced to work in a way that raises your minimum level. It automatically gives you a structure that will create a more unbiased and inclusive recruitment process. If you don't have that structure in your interviews, you will automatically invite biases to influence your decisions.”
Arsaman Bahrami
Head of People and Culture, Precisely

What is a structured interview?

In the world of recruitment, the research is clear – if we want to increase our chances of hiring the right person for the job, we should conduct so-called structured interviews. 

Your assessment co-pilot in every interview

For every interview and assessment you do, Asker makes its own AI-based evaluation of the candidate simultaneously. Compare your own interview assessment with Asker’s and ensure that the candidate’s scoring is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. It’s like having a personal second opinion assistant with you at all times!

Do you want to make spot-on candidate assessments and hire top talent?

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