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Save valuable time

Hiring can be time-consuming, but your interviews don’t have to be. Build the perfect process using Asker’s library of questions and templates. Add your own questions and create tailor-made interviews for roles in your organization.

Interview in line with research

Increase the likelihood of hiring the right person for the job by up to 450 percent. The interview is the most effective selection method – if you do it right. We’ll help you tick off each key step to unlock the full potential of the interview.

Boost candidate experience

Interviews in our platform make job seekers choose our customers over their competitors. Attract and retain candidates by making the interview a transparent process and two-way communication.

The perfect support for HR teams and hiring managers

Setting a consistent interview structure across the organization has never been easier. Working entirely digitally makes it easy to set up interview templates, decide how to assess candidates, and collect and analyze interview data – regardless of who is conducting the interview.

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Your new, structured interview process is just a moment away. Get started within minutes and get the support you need based on the level you are at.